About Ratbarrier

We are a small business providing custom built solutions for pest control, including our in house built Ratbarrier Drain Flaps.

Made In The United Kingdom Ratblocker

We build in house quality pest control products such as the Ratbarrier non return valves. These are designed and built by us using our own in house machines.

Firstly we are pest controllers and have been in the pest control industry for a long time and run our own pest control company www.pestcatcher.co.uk. We started installing non return valves in customers sewers quite a few year ago but unfortunately they were plastic and we quickly realised that rats were chewing straight through the plastic rendering them useless.

We came up with the idea of developing the valves in a all metal design. It took quite a while to get the design right and ready for sale. We now have a product which is built using 316 stainless steel and designed and built in house. The benefits of in house production means we can pass on the cost saving to our customers.

We now supply our valves to pest control companies, drainage specialists and end users. We are able to provide high volumes and small volumes to all clients at a price which is very competitive compared to other valves on the market.

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Many Thanks

Mark Burnett (Owner of Ratbarrier)