The Best Solution For Rats In Your Property, Ratbarrier Rat Valves.

We are a UK based company and have been producing non return valves known a rat flaps for many years. We have invested in new design and production equipment and are shipping our latest designs to the UK and Worldwide.

Made In The United Kingdom Ratblocker

Providing the Highest Quality Valves For Consumer And Trade Customers.

The Ratbarrier is a reliable solution to rat problems – We design and build non-return valves that act as a rat blocker for drains. They can conveniently be fitted into your current pipework from either below or above ground. These valves minimise the chance of rats entering your draining system as the cap only moves with the exiting waste. We also offer CCTV drain surveys via our Pest Control and Drain Survey customers to identify damaged pipework and locate areas that can be easily infiltrated by a rat.

Stop Rats Entering Your Toilet With Our One Way Drain Valves

Rats are great at climbing and swimming, and can hold their breath for long enough that it allows them to travel from one location to another through sewage pipes and drains.

Whats The Advantage Of Using A Rat Flap?

• The first and most important advantage of using it is that once it is fitted inside your drain, you can be sure that rats will never be able to enter your home.
• They are easy to fit, and can be fitted by yourself or one of our master fitters.
• The valves do not require any maintenance as they are made using 316L grade stainless steel, and once fitted you can rest assured it will do its job for up to 20 or more years.
• As the valves are one way, they do not stop anything from exiting the pipes in the usual way. After your sewage has freely left the pipe, the valve closes up again automatically.
• They eliminate the possibility of any sort of odour coming up from the drains.
• It is a highly affordable way to stop rats from entering your home through the toilet. The price of the unit itself plus our charge for fitting is extremely cost-efficient.
• Rat valves reduce the spread of diseases through these pests.
• They are designed to be effective against the consequences to your home of drain flooding after heavy rainfall or burst water mains.
• If there is any blockage in the underground pipes, a one way rat valve will minimise the back flow of sewage.

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