Ratbarrier Non Return Valve Rat Flap Stopping Rats In There Tracks!


 The Ratbarrier Non Return Valve drain flap provides a permanent solution to rats entering sewers and drains. Our Rat Flap solution will ensure rats are kept out of your home or business.
Our Drain Flap is a cost effective alternative to expensive repairs to sewers or where drain surveys are unable to find an access point.

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Innovative Design

The Ratbarrier drain flap non return valve is designed and built in the United Kingdom we supply individuals, Pest Control Companies, Drainage Companies, landlords and large industrial businesses.

Cost Effective Rat Control Solution!

Our Ratbarrier non return valves designed and built by ourselves in house, this saves time and reduces the cost to our customers.  

Safe And Secure Solution To Rodent Control

Our Rat Control solution for drains provide a safe and secure way of controlling pests in houses and businesses. It prevents rats gaining access to buildings by creating a one way flap to allow foul water to escape but prevent rats climbing up through the sewer. 

Why broken sewer pipes cause rat issues in homes and businesses? And How can the Rat Flap Non Return Valve Help!

The Ratbarrier is a reliable solution to rat problems – We design and build non-return valves that act as a rat blocker for drains. They can conveniently be fitted into your current pipework from either below or above ground. These valves minimise the chance of rats entering your draining system as the cap only moves with the exiting waste. We also offer CCTV drain surveys to identify damaged pipework and locate areas that can be easily infiltrated by a rat.

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