Ratbarrier 6″ fits 160mm Non Return Valve

£65.00 £61.75

6″ version of the popular Ratbarrier Non Return Valve with installation pole attachements (Pole purchased seperatly view our shop


This is our new updated version of the Ratbarrier Non Return Valve Rat-Flap, these are built in house by us using 316 Grade Stainless Steel.

Our Rat Blockers are built to order and are produced using our plasma cutting table.
Common Questions Asked By Our Customers
Are these tried and tested? Yes we are a pest control company and install these valves ourselves, the valves are made by pest controllers for pest control.
What type of hinge do you use on your valves? We have found that a welded hinge produces the most reliability compared to other solutions such as the bolt type which are on the market. We weld using 316 grade stainless wire ensuring complete reliability.
Why are your less expensive than other products? Most other suppliers purchase from either china or from laser production companies. We have always prefered to build in house and supply direct to trade and consumers.
What Grade Steel Do You Use? We use 316 Grade stainless steel which has the best corrosion resistant properties compared to the common 304 grade used in other Valves.
What sizes do you offer? We offer 4″ and 6″ valves, this listing is for the 6″ version which fits 160mm pipes. It will fit all pipe types including ceramic, clay and plastic.
What comes with the valves? All valves come with a retaining cable for easy removal and safety purposes, it is normally secured on the lid or the chamber wall. The valves are supplied with a nut and bolt used to install into deep chambers using the optional installation pole. If your require a pole please look at our other items.
Do you offer discounts for bulk orders? Yes we are happy to provide discounts for bulk orders please message us to discuss this.
If you have any questions please let us know.